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A little about St. Lucia

Stunning vistas of azure water, pristine beaches and precipitous green mountains regularly attract a considerable number of tourists to this verdant, volcanic island state. A former colony of both Britain and France, the vestiges of a mixed legacy are manifest in St Lucian society both culturally and legally: Locals are francophone but English is widely spoken and official, and the legal system is a hybrid of common and civil law. Launched in 2015, St Lucia is one the most affordable citizenship program available and processing is swift.

Citizenship Procedure

All applicants must be of good standing and have no history of criminal conduct. The Citizenship by Investment Unit ordinarily completes application processing within 90 days, following which successful applicants receive an Approval in Principle. The client then proceeds to remit the requisite funds and then finally obtains the certificate of citizenship and passport.

There are currently four investment options from which applicants may choose, each with different pricing:
  • A cash contribution to the National Economic Fund of US$100,000 for a single applicant, US$165,000 for an applicant with spouse, US$190,000 for an applicant with a spouse and up to two dependents and an additional US$25,000 for any additional dependents beyond this.
  • A property investment of minimum US$300,000.
  • An investment into an approved project at US$3.5M for a single applicant or US$1M if investing as part of a consortium with a total investment of no less than US$6M.
  • An investment in government bonds to be held for a minimum of five years. US$500,000 for a single applicant, US$535,000 for an applicant with spouse, US$550,000 for an applicant with up to three dependents and US$25,000 for each additional dependent.


Due diligence fees apply as follows:
  • US$7,500 for the main applicant.
  • US$5,000 for each dependent over 16 years of age.


Processing fees apply as follows:
  • US$2,000 for the main applicant.
  • US$1,000 for dependents above the age of 16.


Under the real estate option, authorized project and government bond, the following additional fees apply:
  • US$50,000 for the main applicant.
  • US$35,000 for each dependent over 18 years old (not applicable to government bond).
  • US$25,000 for each minor dependent (not applicable to government bond).
Key Benefits:
  • One of the lowest cost of any citizenship by investment program.
  • Visa-free travel to some 130 countries, including Schengen states, UK and Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • Short processing time.
  • Year-round mild climate.
  • Tax efficient jurisdiction.

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