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A little about Greece

A Mediterranean nation composed of thousands of islands, Greece is one of the great ancient civilizations, and steeped in a rich cultural heritage as the provenance of the Western philosophical tradition. The country is a member of the EU, Schengen and the Eurozone and offers one of the quickest and most affordable avenues to permanent EU residence.

Citizenship Procedure

Following a review and approval in principle of the application, applicants proceed to purchase property valued at EUR 250,000 and subsequently receive a permanent residence permit.  Applications are typically processed within 2 months. Following seven years of continued residence in Greece, applicants are eligible for citizenship, but must demonstrate a working proficiency in Greek.

Applicants must invest in immovable property valued at no less than EUR 250,000, but retain the right to lease the property to third parties, making such real estate an income producing asset.
Additionally, applicants should expect to pay the equivalent of approximately 8% of the net property value in related transaction fees such as property transfer tax, legal and notary fees etc.
Key Benefits:
  • Immediate permanent residence following approval.
  • Visa free access to all Schengen member states.
  • Low cost.
  • Short processing time.
  • Only requires a straightforward investment in real estate.
  • Mild climate and well-renowned lifestyle destination.
  • No residence requirement.

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