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A little about Cyprus

Owing to its year-round mild climate, welcoming people and striking natural splendor, Cyprus has long been a favored destination among European holiday makers. In recent years, this Mediterranean island has also become a prime target for capital investment, thanks in large part to its business-friendly environment of common law, low taxes and widespread use of English. The Cypriot citizenship by investment program offers the simplest and quickest route to full-fledged EU citizenship.

Citizenship Procedure

All applicants must be in good standing and without a history of significant criminal conduct. EP Capital collects all pertinent documentation and prepares the application on behalf of the client and any dependents. The applicant then typically visits Cyprus and, either independently or with the assistance of EP capital, selects one or more eligible properties.


Following six month residence, the applicant completes the required investment and is granted citizenship for him/herself as well as any dependents and descendants in perpetuity.

  • The program requires a EUR 2 million investment in the Cypriot economy, typically real estate. Investors may acquire a single property or a portfolio. Undeveloped plots of land are also acceptable. Three years following the acquisition of citizenship, the applicant may liquidate the investment, but must retain a property worth EUR 500,000 for perpetuity. All properties may be leased to third parties and as such become income-producing assets.
  • Under the property acquisition option, favored by the overwhelming majority of clients, the applicable fees (including government fees, stamp duty, VAT and property closing fees) typically amount to around EUR 150,000.
  • Additional dependents are subject to government fees of EUR 7,000 each.
Key Benefits:
  • By virtue of the country’s EU membership, citizens of Cyprus have the right to permanently settle to live, work and study in any of the 28 EU countries.
  • Cyprus offers the fastest route to EU citizenship within seven months.
  • Visa-free travel to 163 countries.
  • No residence requirement after acquiring citizenship.
  • Fully recoverable investment. The program requires a simple investment either in real estate, a business or a bank deposit.
  • Very attractive corporate and personal tax policies.
  • A great lifestyle choice: Warm and sunny climate, low cost of living, low crime rates and political stability.

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